About ”Winter Experiences Northern Norway”

Tourism companies in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark have been inspired by Hurtigruten’s special winter venture; and by what has been achieved in Finnish Lapland, they are also focusing heavily on the development of intense experiences in the winter months for customer groups in international markets. Nature, activities, cultural experiences and a well-developed infrastructure are positive elements that must be strengthened in this venture. The challenges are to be knowledgeable about the markets, distribution, communication, structure of the work within quality and expertise, as well as co-operation between the companies and learning environments.

There is a positive development in winter trade to Northern Norway with an increasing demand for Northern Lights tourism, various snow activities and the Hurtigruten. There is significant growth in this trade from international markets. 

Year round operations with a sufficient customer basis in the winter months of September to April are the main challenge for the 57 industry operators in the cluster. The companies have the usual production costs throughout the winter, but still have too few guests even though the development is positive. 

During the project the cluster must take a leading position in the development of winter experiences based on tourism, culture and sports in arctic regions, the project must also focus in particular on quality. Our reputation must be built on a good delivery of services to customers, sharing with other operators and knowledge-based development. The internal and external communication strategy builds on the values of the project as a whole, which are to challenge and to trade.

The progression of the project is based on the fact that it is initially important to strengthen the network and the cluster. These are the basis for good innovation projects. Through these, learning will be brought into the cluster which will strengthen, among other things, quality and sales. This is the basis from which to work on the vision for the project which is that the project

“Rewarding Winter Experiences must develop the region into a unique and preferred travel destination with attractive world class winter experiences”.

The goals for the project are as follows;

  1. Contribute to 30,000 new winter guests in the period from 2011/12 up to and including the winter season 2015/16
  2. Every guest must, at minimum, realise kr 2 500 per day in connection with their visit to the region
  3. In the winter season 2015/16 the percentage of days international guests spend in the region must be 35% or more 

The main areas of activity for the project are product development and innovation, internationalisation and distribution, quality and expertise as well as interaction and collaboration.

Foto: Kristin Folsland Olsen/nordnorge.com

Experience Tromsø Region 2016/2017

We know travelling around Northern Norway during winter can take extra effort. Providers of experiences in the region around Tromsø have now taken this into notice and made it easier for you to book organized tours in Lyngen, Senja, Målselv and Narvik during winter - packages including bus transport! The bus will leave from Tromsø, Narvik and Lyngen every day from 10.12.16-31.03.17 - only for the pre-booked tours.

Experience Tromsø Region is all about making the regions accesible. Companies along the route gives guests the possibility to reach new destinations quick and easy. Some of the offers are also 1-day packages, meaning you for instanse can visit the Polar Park leaving from Tromsø or Narvik in the morning and return in the afternoon. The packages can be booked directly from the provider.


We are working on making the bus a permanent offer for the coming winters.

Please have a look at the flyer which gives you the necessary information about the offers and who to contact for direct bookings.

Direct flight from Frankfurt to Tromsø winter 2016/2017

Incoming operators in the cluster have made packages with winter experiences in Northern Norway that are perfectly matched with the flights Lufthansa operates from Frankfurt winter 2016/2017. The offers are meant for Tour Operators, and cover different parts of Northern Norway from the North Cape and the Lofoten Islands. Please find 11 packages here:



Arena Lønnsomme Vinteropplevelser is a cluster consisting of 70 tourism companies and 4 R&D institutions in Northern Norway. The cluster has existed in 7 years and has contributed to a significant growth in the international winter tourism to Northern Norway.

Do you want to be part of the cluster? Please e-mail us at post@vintertroms.no

Please find a listing of all the cluster members here 



Photo: Espen Mortensen/nordnorge.com

Product information

TravelFact – an easy way for Tour Operators to get updated on winter products in Northern Norway

Get updated information about my products and prices for partners in the online system TravelFact. Our company is active in the winter cluster ”Rewarding Winter Experiences”. This cluster of 58 travel companies take a leading position in the development of winter experiences based on tourism, culture and sports in Northern Norway. The vision for the project is;

“Rewarding Winter Experiences must develop the region into a unique and preferred travel destination with attractive world class winter experiences”.

In TravelFact we display our offers and the information you need about us. You can search for any other of the 57 companies in the cluster or even more offers in this system without any charge after a quick registration.

Try it today – and get updated product information easily.


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